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Yamazaki Mazak Corporation
Yancheng Machine Tool Co., Ltd.
Yangzhou Euro Brother Machine & Tools Co., Ltd.
Yangzhou Metalforming Machine Group Co., Ltd.
Yangzhou Super Machine Tool Co., Ltd.
Yangzhou Xinjiangzheng Cutting Tool Co., Ltd.
Yantai Changsheng Machine Tool Accessory Co., Ltd.
Yantai Deli Machinery Co., Ltd
Yantai ETDZ Bosen Machine Tool Accessory Co., Ltd.
Yantai Evergreen Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (Yantai No. 2 Machine Tool Accessory Factory)

Yantai Keeyun Machinery Co., Ltd.
Yantai Universal Machine Tool Accessory Group Co., Ltd.
Yasda Prescision Tools K.K.
Yestool Co., Ltd.
Yeton Company Limited Tianjin Office 7
Yg-1CO., Ltd.
Yichang Changjiang Machine Technology Co., Ltd.
Yida Nippei Machine Tool Corp.
Yih Chuan Machinery Industry Co., Ltd.
Yingkou Guanhua Machine Tool Co, Ltd.
Yingkou Metal Forming Machine Co., Ltd.
Yongjia Lube Machinery Lubricating Co., Ltd.
You Ji Industrial Co., Ltd.
You Sheng(Shanghai) Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
Yu Shine precision Machine Co., Ltd.
Yuang Hsian Metal Industrial Corp.
Yueyang Kemeng Mechatronics Co., Ltd.
Yuhuan Kanmen Machine Tool Factory
Yuken Kogyo (HK) Co., Ltd
Yuncheng Xinqi CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

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